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The Boker Damast Pure knife series is a milestone in the history of Boker kitchen knives. Completely hand-made, …

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The Boker Damast Pure knife series is a milestone in the history of Boker kitchen knives. Completely hand-made, these unique knives impress every friend of high-quality cutting tools made in Solingen.
The well-known knife maker Jens Ansø from Denmark has developed a puristic and purely function-oriented knife concept on behalf of Boker. The design follows the Scandinavian tradition and is testified by a clear design language.
Jens Ansø focuses on the demanding user. The result of his collaboration with the research and development department at Boker is a knife series that combines perfect function with purist design and outstanding ergonomics. In keeping with the high-quality concept, a first-class choice of materials has been chosen, which once again emphasises the functionality of these extraordinary knives. The knives of the Boker Damast Pure series are not collector’s items for the display case, but are designed for daily use.
Boker has been working very successfully with the US Damascus blacksmith Chad Nichols from Mississippi for years. He is one of the most innovative blacksmiths worldwide and impresses the international knife scene with his forged, stainless Damascus. It goes without saying that he was the right and competent contact when it came to selecting the right blade material for this series. Together we decided on 200 layers of stainless forged Damascus with the attractive Boomerang pattern. Due to the contrasting and unique grain, the blades not only provide an extremely attractive appearance, but are also perfectly balanced, can easily handle all cutting tasks and are razor-sharp.
Another special feature is the handle material. The choice fell on the highly interesting wood of the bog oak. This unique material is not a tree species, but oak trunks that have lain in moors, swamps or river banks for centuries and were salvaged when the areas were drained. The tannic acid of the oak wood combines with the iron salts of the water over a long period of time, which makes the wood very hard and gives it a noble dark brown colour. The high-quality and noble shimmering local bog oak handle harmonises perfectly with the blade made of forged Damascus from Chad Nichols.
The Utility Knife is a very handy mixture of the Chef’s Knife and the Paring Knife. The most common application of the Utility Knife in the kitchen is the processing of fruits and vegetables, which can be both peeled and cut. But even smaller pieces of fish and meat can be cut easily. Since the Knife, which is sharpenedon both sides, is very frequently used, it shouldn’t be missing in any kitchen.
Type:Kitchen Knife
Overall Length:24,90 cm
Blade Length:14,10 cm
Blade Thickness:1,50 mm
Weight:90,00 g
Designer:Jens Anso
Blade Material:Damascus
Handle Material:Bog Oak Wood
Lock Type:Fixed
Made in:Solingen
Blade Color:Uncoated


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